Thursday, 30 January 2014

Roots Sewing Series: Peranakan Batik (Casual Wear)

I believe some of you already knew about Roots Sewing Series hosted by Elegance and Elephants. It's a new series showing your sewing for your child (or children) inspired by your heritage. Heidi's email came just in time when I had an idea to sew Batik for my daughter, so last month I signed up to participate in. 

Batik is very popular in Indonesia and around the world, it is worn traditionally or for special occasions or simply as casual wear. I remember I wore uniform made from Batik fabric once a week when I was in primary school. There are many designs and types of Indonesia Batik, each regions have their unique patterns, for example Javanese Batiks are different than Balinese or Sumatran or the rest of Indonesia.

Various Indonesia Batik (image via internet)

However, for this series, my inspiration was Peranakan Batik. My maternal grandma was a Javanese Peranakan (Straits Chinese), she wore traditional clothes: kebaya and kain panjang (wrap cloth) batik with chignon hairstyle.

 Kebaya and kain panjang Peranakan's style (images via internet) 

As usual, I wanted to make something practical for JC so she can wear it as everyday dress.

I chose pattern K from Sew Chic Kids book, but omitted the sleeves and I altered the front bodice closure to back closure. Sewing batik is quite tricky because you have to take note of layout of prints as well. Zigzag trims were sewed on neckline and bottom hem, the colour is purple to match flowers pattern and also JC's favourite. 

I recycled wooden button from JC's old pants. Size 6 is a bit loose for her now but it doesn't matter as she will wear it on summer. This dress is very simple but it's special and unique.

Back of dress has different Batik's pattern from front dress but it's actually made from one whole kain panjang which I inherited from my late mom.

How about you, did you make special outfits for your child/children inspired by your heritage or country? Link up your creations to Roots Sewing Series Sew Along here by 31 January, there are amazing prizes for sew along winners.

Elegance & Elephants

Monday, 9 December 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas

Hello everyone,
Did you know that Christmas sewing series is on Suz's and Laura's blog? I'm so excited to be one of guest post today. Come on over to Sewpony to see what I made for JC and don't forget to visit Craftsorming too! A group of talented ladies are sharing their fabulous creations, Christmas memories and tradition.

 Check this list out:

craftstorming sewpony sewing like mad nest full of eggs simple simon la gang à nat modern homemade lbg studio frances suzanne do guincho hungie gungie kid approved welcome to the mouse house while she was sleeping counterpane compagnie m heidi and finn lollipop garden crafts straightgrain behind the hedgerow s is for sewing petit à petit and family Groovy Baby and Mama things for boys Image Map

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Gingham Shirt

It has been almost one month since I made this shirt during KCW Fall last month. 
The shirt was still in OC's wardrobe until this week he's willing to try it on and let me took some photos of him after I promised not more than three photos (this time I couldn't bribe him with chocolate, he ate lots of them after Halloween).

I chose gingham cotton as I wanted to make it similar to model shown in the book but I added variation by combining it with solid dark brown cotton, left over fabric from his London Bus Pants. As for buttons, I recycled them from OC's old shirt. 

Pattern of this shirt is from Polka Drops. I like its patterns as the instruction diagrams are very clear and sizes are just right for my children's age, for example OC is 5 y.o so I made the shirt from 110cm size and it fits him well, not too loose and not too tight. And the book contains patterns for boy and girl, serve the purpose to me.

The sewing went well, there's step by step diagrams to follow so it's not difficult to sew if you understand basic sewing. (I made a dress for JC from the same book).

I told you I promised OC not to take more than three shots but as soon as I knew OC wanted to play with hanger, I made new deal with him. So here I got more than three photos. Sometimes I have to play trick with this little boy...

Friday, 1 November 2013

Mr Batman and Miss Pink Pony

Halloween was over, but I have little treat to share: semi-handmade Halloween costumes. 

Last week OC had confirmed his request, he wanted to be a Batman. I went to thrift store to look for materials and found this $2 cape with glittering spiders screened print. The cape is certainly not Batman's trade mark but my boy was happy with my finding. So, have you ever seen Batman make over? Here is my super hero… 

I recycled adult size t-shirt, yellow fabric from my stash and felt material into hooded sleeveless top and 'trick or treat' bags. Super hero costume is not complete if without the notable logo, so I sewed it on front bodice and whipped up the cape to back shoulders of top.

He was proud to become Batman, super hero costume saved a day!

As for JC, I granted her request to be pink pony. I searched some inspirations from internet and got it from this blog. JC's costume is made from fleece blanket, also bought from thrift store and using this pattern - size 104cm - from Japanese Sewing Books (thanks Yifarn!).

$3 fleece blanket

I used the fleece blanket up to make hooded sweater without zipper and self-drafted pants. The weather is getting cold nowadays and it was raining on Halloween day, this fleece fabric is super cozy. Using dark brown scrap of fabric, I added ruffles on top of hood and some applique on sleeves and bottom of pants to imitate hooves.

Wearing her costume, she galloped a while at home before heading to school for Halloween Parade. The best part of costume that she likes? the tail! 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

KCW Fall 2013: Culottes

After the Sweet Dress, I moved on another project which was super simple, easy and never done. 

I made culottes… and culottes from this book. This project is suitable for beginner and it can be done within an hour. JC needs some daily comfortable clothes although she won't wear them often in this season but with her skinny figure, these culottes can last for two summers, I predict. 

I omitted side pockets for this one.

The blouse was sewed few months ago from this book and it's still a bit loose for her.

Pattern: Polka Drops 2010 edition, pattern #10 and 24, size: 110cm.
Fabrics: apparel gingham cotton and Joel Dewberry quilt cotton.

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